Fight Record:  Amateur: 8 wins - 2 loses    Pro: 2 win - 1 loss Birthdate: May 11, 1979    Height: 5ft 11in     Weight: 201 lbs     Hometown: Salina, Kansas USA

About Me:
I like to laugh, joke, act, draw, and fight...only for sport though. I love martial arts! It helps to becoming a better person and allows me to deal with pretty much any situation life throws at me. I have two adorable kids that I love SO much! Elijah and Alexis. They are the world to me. I've acted in a few low budget films and have had ten amateur MMA fights and recently went pro. I'm working on making fighting my job. I'd love to act in movies also. I'm not violent normally. I can turn it on and turn it off when necessary. I'm a very nice person, sometimes too nice. A lot of people see it as weakness, especially women! I have a hard time being a jerk to women. I've tried, but it doesn't work. Guys on the other hand, they eventually know better. But whatever. I feel better about myself when it's all said and done. Oh yeah! And I love a character.....right?

Who I'd like to meet:
Good hearted kind people that aren't afraid to be themselves, aren't sugar coated. I like people that like to help others and the folks that inspire me and continue to do so. Even the ones that are no longer with us, the ones I would've liked to meet. Oh, and I'd like to meet Barack Obama.


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